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Let's experience our Tailor Made Service​!

​Experience our tailor-mate service!

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Lifestyle Service lifestyle service


In collaboration with experts, we are developing the "Body Investment" projet. It serves as a health concierge for all individuals, companies and organizations interested in health and food.


Meet Up

We will help you at home parties at home and in-house exchanges. Our strength is to provide services that professional chefs and staff interweave, and V8 has a consistent support system so that you can enjoy delicious food, feel cheerful, and have a wonderful time.



From corporate concierge services tailored to your business needs to personal assistant services that are individually available to employees, we can offer tailor-made business-oriented services. 



Depending on the occasion of the gift, the birthday of your loved one, your wedding anniversary, a thank-you to a superior, etc., there are various perspectives for both the giver and the giver. The best quotient you can get from I will propose a product.



By cultivating, learning, and practicing together with the spirituality, technology, and intellect of Eastern culture and the technology of hospitality, we will foster human resources who will contribute "as a business" in society. We will disseminate and cultivate Eastern culture and hospitality at home and abroad, and contribute to mutual understanding and a course that leads to world peace.



We provide our customers with the ultimate experience in meeting management and event planning services, planning both social and corporate events in the local and domestic markets.



We coordinate the total beauty of each customer and make proposals that cover a wide range of lifestyles so that they can be healthy and beautiful.



Through domestic and overseas networks, we will respond to the requests of customers mainly for tailor-made trips such as making, arranging and consulting on trips and experience plans. We support overseas and domestic package tours and individual trips.

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