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About orido

Ori=Orient  Dō= Master,Morals


"Oriental" culture, services, and goods have various "Dō" that are highly valued by the world. Orido is a high-end platform for disseminating "Culture x Aesthetics x Health" information to the world. Take valuable time, rich lifestyle, maintain the health of mind and body, please enjoy the dreamlike oriental culture, services, goods and other special experiences.

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Matsudaira Style

We want to spread the Japanese traditional culture of hospitality to more people around the world.

"Matsudaira method" handed down from generation to generation in the Matsudaira family so that people can understand and wear itDeveloping teaching materials and training human resources necessary for the tradition of the tradition, bringing deep impressions to peopleIt will help spread "hospitality" and realize a world that values peace.



Only 100% natural lacquer is used.

That is Hyozaemon's pride.

Hyozaemon is a lacquerware manufacturer from Obama, Fukui Prefecture, where Wakasa-nuri chopsticks are produced.

Virgin lacquer that does not contain any synthetic chemical paint is used for the tip of the chopsticks that you put in your mouth.

"Chopsticks also food.” policy, we continue to make safe and secure chopsticks.


Grace of Orient​

The culture of oriental health care is the perfection of the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine and the principles of modern Western medicine:
"Tea nourishes the mind, food nourishes the body, 
Nourish your body with exercise

It integrates Eastern culture, nourishes the six senses of the human body, and promotes physical and mental health through the principles of Yin and Yang. Maintain youth and vitality in the most natural and easy way.

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